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Smith, the Butkus Award recipient as well as a consensus All-American, led Notre Dame in total tackles (114), solo tackles (69), assisted tackles (45), pass breakups (five) and fumble recoveries (two).
The oxygen pressure in Leh is very low, but despite this the challenge of cycling all the way to the top is irresistible.

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Other names: Bluehead, Bluehead Parrotfish, Bluenose, Bluenose Parrotfish, Blue-throat Parrot Fish, Bluethroat Parrotfish, Kelpie, Lilac Banded Parrotfish, Rocky Bream, Rocky Cod, Rotfish, Winter Bream Max size: 50cm Diet: Carnivore – Mostly feeds on crustaceans and molluscs.

Habitat: Adults usually on deep exposed rocky reefs, juveniles in shallower weedy areas, in depths of 1-160m.

Other names: Common Scalyfin, Rock Perch, Scaly Fin, Victorian Rock Perch Max size: 25cm Diet: Herbivore – Grazes on small algal “gardens” in their home.

Habitat: Rocky reefs in bays, harbours and along the coast in southern Australia.

They also feed on jellyfishes such as Blue Blubber.

Habitat: Shallow reefs in bays, harbours and along the coast in depths to 145 m; juveniles in sheltered areas, especially seagrass beds.

Other names: Angelfish, Bastard Dory, Double Scalare, Moonlighter, Zebra Fish Max size: 30cm Diet: Carnivore – Feeds on small invertebrates.

Old Wives may set up cleaning stations and remove parasites from other fishes.

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General description: Highly variable colour pattern, adults have two to four pairs of curved spines on each side of the tail base, that are larger in males than in females and juveniles.

It is easily recognised by the broad dark bands on the head, body and tail base.

Like butterflyfishes, small juveniles have ocelli (false eyespot) on the soft dorsal and anal fins.

Other names: Green Parrotfish, Patrician Wrasse, Purple-banded Wrasse, Senator Fish Max size: 30cm Diet: Carnivore – Feeds on a range of benthic invertebrates, such as crustaceans (amphipods and small decapods) and gastropod molluscs.

Habitat: Common in kelp and macro-algal beds on coastal reefs in 3-40m.