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For many widowers and widows, dating after a loss requires support and the empathetic company of people who understand the situation. We prioritize compatibility: matching personalities, locations and, crucially, life experiences.
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By using the information contained herein, the receiver willingly assumes all risks inherent with such use.The author/provider of disclosed information herein shall not be held liable or responsible for content, errors, and/or omissions in information. (See website for upcoming scheduled events and more details.) Description / general types of activities: "Meet and Greet" Events similar to speedy dating scenario, yet with a Christian focus, faith based question cards and no charge!"It's about seeing the value of it and sharing it," he said."Our childhood friends give us perspective our relatives and professional colleagues cannot.""They're the first ones there when one of our parents dies, and also the first ones there to tell you when you're screwing up," said Angela Topetzes Strelka, 55, of her 14 grade-school friends from Milwaukee.Now in their 30s and 40s, they met at the camp as kids. Chosen families"I have sisters, but these people are my family, too," said New York City psychiatrist Philip Muskin, 66, of his sixth-grade buddies from Brooklyn, who have reunions at each other's homes. If I need them, they're there."Although the men and women in Muskin's group lead diverse lives, and make their living as doctors, lawyers, retailers, etc., "they're the people who know who you really are," he said.(Auerbach's group has an arrangement with the camp's owner to meet there before it officially opens to youngsters.) They wake up to 8 a.m. "My buddies know I'm really a nerd who sucked as an athlete."Unlike get-togethers with friends made later in adulthood, Muskin said that seeing our childhood friends "allows us to re-experience some of the fun stuff, like — for us — '60s music, and put the bad stuff in perspective.

Which is why the reunion attendees make the effort, knowing that sometimes life will get in the way."We missed a few reunions because of babies or sick parents," Lenn said of her group's members. We're still together."It's good for you"Nurturing old friendships is work," Martone acknowledged.

"But it comes back to you, tenfold."Indeed, Muskin said that retaining these friendships bolsters well-being.

"These are the connections that keep us healthy," he said.

It brings you back to the days when life was fun, when you didn't have so many obligations and pressures.

When I was that age, all I had to worry about was grades and girls." I'm probably opposed to the PARCC test, but I'm too busy filling out my kids' home reading logs to give it a proper assessment.