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Such was the deal when Sean’s wife first introduced my (breathtaking) girlfriend and me to a Vodka Gimlet one evening while we were visiting them. Step 1 – Select a Vodka Now, if you want me to go ahead and make life easy on you, here we go – use Grey Goose. But not being a vodka connoisseur myself, I can tell you that I don’t like a vodka with a bite – and Grey Goose is about as smooth as they come. After all, the vodka is half of the ingredients, so you’d better enjoy it. In order for this recipe to work, the vodka must be at room temperature.
Some of them prefer to go to the nightclubs to seek a date. Some of them go to social services to look for a date.

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The star crooner's love life was far from dull, with four marriages and a slew of relationships with Old Hollywood icons.Here, BAZAAR lists 25 women with a charm of their own, who were involved with Sinatra in both in real relationships and rumored flames.The mirror he held up to his adopted home was one of family ties and small-town ethics, of problems that could be solved in 91 minutes.Now the world was at war: it was even more crucial that Andy Hardy’s world view should reign.There was plenty of escapism in Louis B Mayer’s Hollywood, but the Andy Hardy series was more than that. It's not too much to suppose he thought Mickey Rooney’s contribution was a matter of life and death.

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Each film – and there were 16 of them between 19 – was a small-town fable, in which Andy, the son of an indulgent, well-respected judge and his calm, homemaker wife, gets into some sort of scrape and learns a lesson from it in the end.

” The question wasn’t entirely rhetorical, as he went on to explain: “I was a gnomish prodigy – half-human, half-goblin, man-child, child-man.” Those qualities were as nothing compared to his flirting technique, which he characterised as “a combination of early Neanderthal and late Freud”.

It was this, perhaps, that led his lover and co-star Lana Turner to dub him, in reference to his best-known role as Andy Hardy, “Andy Hard-on”.

Mickey’s amorous crimes had to be swept under the carpet at all costs.

Eddie Mannix was the man who – along with MGM’s publicity director Howard Strickling – kept the stars’ private lives out of the press.