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While not quite historically accurate (Heckman was never a rigorous advocate of historic accuracy), the dating of the operation stuck, and if nothing else, captured an illusion of the railroad history.

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He felt he was tainted by the missing memories and his actions as a beast.His inability to control his transformation was another obstacle in his mind. They go to the place from where the drug cartel operates, but Gabe isn’t there.JT tells her that just because the meds worked on Gabe doesn’t mean that they could be good for Vincent. Cat tells him that she doesn’t want him to take those meds ever again. The cartel guys, who Cat and Vincent beat up, sneak into Cat’s apartment.

JT tells Vincent that he was made 20 years after Muirfield made Gabe. Vincent and Cat fight the cartel guys and quickly get out of there. JT tries to talk to him, but obviously, it doesn’t work. Before he could harm JT further, Vincent arrives and tranquilizes him. JT tells her that they spent ten years trying to explore every option and find a cure for Vincent, but nothing worked. Gabe wakes up and apologizes for what he did when ‘he wasn’t himself’.Her doubts began when she learnt of civilian deaths at Vincent's hands.Catherine has a sense of justice that is rather black and white.In the beginning she believed Vincent was a victim, later she realizes that if people died by his hands, she had to re-evaluate her opinion of him.Evan Marks the medical examiner seems to be another obstacle in their paths as he is friends with Catherine and would like to take the relationship to the next level.They serve a backdrop to the developments happening in the lives of the main characters.