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c) using a paraphrase, e.g, (*) not credible, not (very) creative. Let's look at this another way, Another possibility is... Try to persuade your colleagues that your solution was the best. SUA i v- writing You are Head of Human Kexources at European Campers, Write a letter to Olivier Moyon, infoiiniiig him of the resull of Lhe meeting between Charles Holden and Todd Foster.

Complete the right-hand column of the chart with opposiies of the adjectives. Writing file page 130 ^.n* rtre Fi\ 5 European Campers 100 avenue de la Republique 88405 Bordeaux Com pa Dies | FINANCIAL TIMES | Present simple and present continuous | Now read through these rules.

Match the verbs (1-7) with the prepositions and phrases A good manager should: 1 respond -—^^^^ a) in their employees' abilities. Is tho sauio true in business'.' Young executives come back from business school aimed wiih big ideas. They usually forget to send written follow-up when customers place an order.

But these may or may not win support from col­leagues. Making conversation What do you tike to do in your spare time? Can you tell me about any interesting places to visit? • They arc happy wilh (he present system of payment: low basic salary, high commission, • They are very competitive, so they keep information atxiui.

But remem­ber that, the people around you may not shaie thai opinion. 9 Managing people Peterson sales representatives ' They believe in working as a team and supporting each other: They think ihc company's aim is to keep the customer happy and to build up good customer relations. ' They believe thai the company should always meet Us delivery dates. Then complete it by putting each phrase below (a-f) in the correct space (t-6). Some experts argue that the day-to-day work of the manager consists of managing three things: organisation, communication and people. Everybody knows that businesses ..................- Ottt of the purposes of the manager, those esperts believe, is lo manage this change for the benefit of both the business and its people.

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2 Tell each other if there is any advice in the articles that you do not completely agree with. 1 How do people usually deal with personal conflict in your country? Jacques explained that, a very good customer had placed a very large order, and this order had to be given priority.Do not try to look like an older per* son or like a statesman. Show colleagues you are aware of your limited experience. Q w9.7 Listentoanotherconversation between Sven and Marta. Task The Sales Manager and Deputy Sales Manager decide to hold a meeting with representatives of both groups. However, our understanding of the manager's function has improved. Finally, individuals need to be managed to ensure that tbey are motivated to do their work well..................... Iu conclusion, we can see how the three elements of organisation, communications and motivation in turn.................Ј0 Dress your age, too, • Avoid favouritism and cliques. And show that you axe inter-so ested in getting advice, too. The purpose of the meeting Is to decide what actions to take so that the sales representatives work together more effectively. a) and how well employees perform b) and know their own role in achieving that purpose t) and what exactly do managers manage d) and that this work also gives them personal satisfaction and fulfilment e) are constantly changing and evolving f) determine the success and profitability of the business Listening Handling conflicts Reading Conflict management Vocabulary Word building Language review Conditionals Skills Negotiating: dealing with conflict Case study European Campers Confli / ** W m Smoo th seas do not make skilful sailo rs. Compare your score with a partner, Handling conflicts Eileen Carroll Work in pairs or smell groups. In what ways can it make meetings and discussions more productive? "j Vccabulaiy file page 157 9 Managing people Q 'i .''ill Nigel Nicholson is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School- Listen to the first part of the interview and complete the notes, using up to three words each time-Managers of people i To be a good manager, you need to understand that there are themes which.................., such as families, or the fact that everyone wants to make a difference and needs to be respected. • if you are managing people from different cultures, what other qualities and skills do you need?They have seen many young ambitious 70 people came and go. • Find tlie right balance between being enthusi* « & iv t'ident. That, motivating speech on your first day may sound pretty stupid ir the market turns against you. Rachel It's very kind of you, but perhaps..........................,....../. Writing As the Sales Manager o J'MPM, write the Bccommendaiions section of a report to the GEO about the actions agreed on in the meeting with the sales representatives. 2 Let's try and keep within /implement /rearrange /meet have they written /prepared/done? us what happened, in fact, they never .................. Two of you work on Article A, and two on Article B (see page 92).