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Every night that a ride has gone well for him, whether he has placed first or last, it is one step closer to where he wants to be. Don’t be surprised when he wants to show you off after a victory, but don't be shocked if he doesn't want to talk after a failure. He knows what he is supposed to be doing more than you will ever understand. An iced cooler packed with sweet tea, lunch meat, cheese, mayo, mustard and maybe some fresh fruit will get you a long way (perks to you if you’re the one who has to make the sandwiches while your boyfriend is driving like a mad man because he’s running late). If your boyfriend has been at it a while, whether he’s a bull rider, bronc rider, team roper, etc., after one great night, someone will want a picture with him.
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Lucky's in The Hard Rock Hotel late Tuesday night with Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of the group TLC. Witnesses said that the two behaved playfully with each other during their one hour stay in the restaurant.

The following day (Wednesday, March 12), the boxing champ was spotted in the midst of a shoe-buying spree for Chilli.

It's funny to me that people are still fascinated with the situation since it's been dead for so long. When you're in any relationship for a period of time, it takes a little while to get over it, and then once you're over it you don't act out anymore. I don't think ours was any different." "There was a point where it was discussed but it wasn't. But again, I would think in most relationships that when you've been together for a while you talk about a lot of things. It's just talk." "I'm so mad at myself that I put that (confirmation that she and TJ Holmes had dated) out there. I carry it all the time and people always come to me asking, 'Where'd you get the bag from? And I already started some sketches on different types of designs--more upscale." "Tron is funny; he has a lot of talents but he's only 10, so the one thing I refuse to do is get him out there into doing television and stuff like that. Once he graduates from high school, if that's something he really wants to pursue, then he can do that. I'll support whatever he wants to do...[I hope] he continues to grow up and be the smart boy. People don't realize that they don't ask to be here; you choose to have them and God blesses you with these wonderful babies and you should just love them to no end. You haven't seen me with anybody." was such a good movie. Seems, you know, because you never know how people really are, but he is a cutie-pie. All those things that I wanted to accomplished, I did in TLC.

I guess we were just 'that' couple--one of the couples that people like. I don't know." "Well, I kind of look at it like, when a person is hurt, they just kind of act out. So I just don't understand people having kids and not being great parents to their babies..... I'm not saying people don't need help but I don't do that because I want to do everything for him myself. It's a lot of things that I've turned down because I chose to put my baby first." "Oh, I know I haven't found 'the one.' Shoot, I'd be married. I think it is an amazing thing for two people to come together and share a beautiful life, but at the same time it could be the worst thing when it's the wrong person. So I think right now all I wanna do is continue doing what I love to do and that's entertain.

Sources say Mayweather bought her nine pairs of shoes at the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique inside the Forum Shops at Caesars. The couple has been spotted around Las Vegas since last summer.

I am designed up about what is individual with this Jax and Kristen steer. Kristen — I degree how you act in how you did this in the superficial.

Peep the excerpts below before a certain bogus, faked-out website lifts them up, claim them as their own and rearrange the wording to their liking. "We did work together but it wasn't a falling out or anything like that. It's just that he's really busy and it's hard to try to be an artist and run a label. But we worked in the studio together and we did a song together.

He's not featured on the record but he did the track and we wrote on another record together." So I got a lot accomplished in the time we did work together.' "I have a couple of offers on the able. It's trying to be someplace where I'm happy with the deal.

(laughs) Maybe that's what he did, but by the time she had it I had already passed on it. I don't really know what she said, to be honest with you. When Usher and I were together--like I said, we had very happy times and we had our bad times. But as far as the album is concerned--we do talk about it. I just don't know when; we're more like sisters so we just naturally check in with each other. I'm sure Tron will grow up one day and say that I did something that he didn't like or whatever.

I think I would've wanted to fight him (Polow Da Don) if I had still wanted that recorded. I don't know if I was singled out or if she put everybody in the same box. I don't care what comment(s) she makes or whatever. At the end of the day I didn't work for him and he did not work for me. The only time that his name comes to mind is when somebody asks me. I know that he doesn't have a problem with it; it doesn't have anything to do with his life right now. I can tell you this: with everybody thinking that was about our relationship, it had absolutely nothing to do with our relationship. I was in the studio with him on most of those songs. I don't have to try to force myself to be close to somebody that I love very much. He know that Jesus is first and he's just a great kid. But basically what I've been doing is remembering things with my mom, how she was a parent to me.