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” Well I mean he lives in the Himalayas but ya know if you should somehow find yourself there, you better sleep with one eye open homes! Before we fight you should know I have every single episode of piled throughout the rest of the house. There was me trying to cut wood with a felt tip pen.

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I also told her when she's 16 she can date ONLY IF we meet the boy. But I will tell you, love her, let her know you love her and then love her even more. Family Coach I say go with the two who say give permission for a group date. I know that when a child asks her/his parents for permission to "date" it is not only about going out with the girl/boy, they are also asking, "do you trust me? I will not give you advice as I do not know your family, your values, nor do I understand your relationship with your daughter.She would have saved me a lot of emotional stress in my teenage years if she would have had more age appropriate rules and expectations.

Go with your gut instincts..the bittersweet emotions of your dear baby girl growing up (some teens don't like to hear that), but I know its hard! But all I have to share is this: when I was about that age, I never told my Parents about any "date" I had.But, I think my Dad knew, as the certain boy in question would call the house.And, my Dad always made our home an 'open house' for all my friends to just hang out at, for boys and girls. but I was just too 'shy' to tell him I actually had a 'date' per say.Then me, my girlfriends and the "guy" would then pair up, on our 'date.' It was all innocent...but I guess I never felt real comfortable telling my parents. I know that the more parents try to keep their children young, the more their friends may pressure them to grow up. I know that you are in a position to open the communication for ALL her dating experiences.