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Radiocarbon dating, evidence of deforestation and mitochondrial DNA.
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Gyles then died on 21 February 1680, leaving a wife and six children. This marriage was also recorded as "Heysham, Thomas, butcher & Ann Statter, both Lancaster " from "Marriage Bonds" in the records of the Archdeaconry of Richmond. His son Williams marriage of that date lists his father as Thomas, late of Lancaster, a butcher.

I do have a John Heisham who was buried on 4 June 1687 in Halton, Lancashire. He was the nephew and heir of Robert Curwen of Carke in Cartmell, also an attorney.

Why might John's birth have not been noted in the church records? Also for Bulk/Aldcliffe for the same year, below] . 1715 (RCHY 2/2/16) Consideration: 100 Rents and boons: half of those recited in lease of 24 Apr. Hey m [William Heysham Jr.] call' with other and drank a bottle of wine. Will Hey'm, and stayd with him, the mayr' and others, till ten; Soe to beed." "September 2. halfe a ginney to pay Margt Brown pro piges; gave her 6s. Alday in the house, accounted with Ned Heysham, and am 2Q 9s. in his debt, but gave him a bill pro 15 on Dick Kellet. (c1300) (10) David de Hesham (c1320) (11) Thomas de Hesham (c1350) (12) William Hesam (c1400) (13) Nicholas Hesham (c1450) (14) William Heysham (c1520) (15) Gyles Highsame (c1540) (16) William Highsame (c1570) (17) Giles Heysham (1603/4) (18) John Heysham (1638) (19) Edward Heesham (c1665) Grace Heysam, the daughter of Edward Heysam, was christened on 14 March 1692/3 in Saint Mary, Lancaster - International Genealogical Index.

The following is is a note in the Lancashire Parish Register that says, During especially bad weather, or when the child was sickly, baptisms were sometimes performed at home. 1681 (RCHY 2/2/12)" - from "Hornby Catholic Mission Papers (St Mary's Church)" of Lancaster. Baines's business; soe to beed." [footnote] The Mayor of Lancaster this year was Br. William Heysham was born at Lancaster, and, with his brother Robert, became an eminent merchant in London. to pay Richd Stirzacr ffor house and garden stoffe; then went to dine with Mr. Grace, the daughter of Edward Heysam of Lancaster was buried on 18 March 1692/3.

The castle and its green park where just ahead and to the right. ." - from "Remain, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palantine Counties of Lancaster and Chester." I would guess this meant that he was the eldest son, inheriting, of John, as I had guessed, above. (1) Ralph de Gernet (c1050) (2) Vivian Gernet of Halton (c1080) (3) Brian Gernet de Hesham (c1110) (4) Adam Gernet de Hesham (c1140) (5) Thomas Gernet de Hesham (c1180) (6) Robert de Hesham (c1200) (7) Adam de Hesham (c1230) (8) John de Hesham (c1270) (9) John de Hesham Jr.

- In his will of 1723 Gile's son, Robert Heysham, MP and Alderman, bequethed his 'Castlehill house' to his nephew, John Thornton. Included on the list are other tradesmen, including a webster, a carpenter, a shoemaker, a mason, two clerks, and a trumpeter. (c1300) (10) David de Hesham (c1320) (11) Thomas de Hesham (c1350) (12) William Hesam (c1400) (13) Nicholas Hesham (c1450) (14) William Heysham (c1520) (15) Gyles Highsame (c1540) (16) William Highsame (c1570) (17) Giles Heysham (1603/4) (18) John Heysham (1638) (19) Edward Heesham (c1665) Judith Hesham, whose father was Edward, was baptized on 13 January 1698 in Lancaster - International Genealogical Index/Lancaster Parish Register of Baptisms.