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The countrywide sleep sweep has produced a plume of coverage in local and college papers, including this promotion for an event at UC Berkeley: Huffing Post is putting on a fair where they’re offering giveaways of snacks, pajamas, meditation tools and sleep gadgets.

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In “Sleep Revolution,” Huffington discusses cultural resistance to her sleep ideology among her own colleagues: “At Huff Post,” she writes in her book, “there was skepticism when we first installed nap rooms in New York in 2011.In deference to her, the Huffington Post does commonly cover Arianna Huffington’s appearances on TV programs and the like.Another flash point of internal gossip relates to the work of the Huffington Post’s new sleep reporter.You had Thomas Edison and other scientific icons saying we are going to eliminate sleep.” Morons. were eager to invite impaired memory, infertility, diabetes, weight problems and many other maladies, including “succumbing to impulsive desires, poor attentional capacity, and compromised decision making.” That bit comes straight from Huffington’s chapter on the science of sleep, a fine roundup of reasons to call it a day.The Huffington Post founder has converted her own celebrity into a number of book-promoting interviews, with “Morning Joe,” Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, the “Today Show,” CNBC’s “Squawk Box” and others.April 16: “Arianna Tells Bill Maher About Trump’s Lasting Contribution To American Life” by Trends Editor Lee Moran April 18: “Arianna Helps Joe Scarborough Get A Better Night’s Sleep” by Assignment Editor Alana Horowitz Satlin Citing that pile of links, several Huffington Post staffers have gently encouraged the Erik Wemple Blog to examine whether the finite editorial resources of the Huffington Post are being imprudently plowed into book promotion for the editor-in-chief.