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(1992) A Palynological Sedimentation Study of a Core from the South Basin of Loch Ness. (1995) Palaeolimnological Analysis of a Sediment Core from Loch Morar, North West Scotland. J., (1993) Review of Current Work on Loch Ness Sediment Cores. The Science of the Total Environment 203 : 37-49 Bennett, S., & Shine, A. (1993) A Geochemical Study of the Natural and Pollutant Compounds in Loch Ness, Scotland. (1995) Methanogenesis in Organic Rich Sediment Cores from a Deep Oligotrophic Lake, Loch Ness. Designed and built a 6 metre coring system for use at 200 m in Loch Ness. Published studies by, in association with or assisted by the Project.

Established a permanent base at the Loch Ness Centre for University field trips and collaborations.

In more recent collaborations, projects have involved workers from some 20 universities and academic institutions within the UK and overseas. (1993) The Profundal Fauna of Loch Ness and Loch Morar.

As a naturalist, he has used the Loch Ness controversy as a vehicle for interpreting the dynamics and diversity of deep lakes.

Designed and established a deep water fixed sampling station in the northern basin of Loch Ness. (1993) The Spatial Distribution of Benthic Ostracods in the Profundal Zone of Loch Ness.

Work now included all aspects of limnology as detailed below.