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This page was begun several years after the Fulkerson site was founded, and has grown continuously over the years since then. He was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778. It was bounded on the east by the Shenango River, on the south by the Beaver County line, on the north by the farm of Ebenezer Byers and on the west by "donation land." Part of his estate eventually became the Greenwood Cemetery, in which some of the family were later buried. From 1914 until his death on May 29, 1940 at the age of eighty, Fulkerson resided in Canon City, Colorado." The Japanese site also mentions, on an index page, that Epperson was a vice-consul at the American Consulate in Nagasaki. A reading of the essay, found at the Canon City Public Library site at Essay.html, reveals Epperson was just one of a number of local Protestant leaders who supported the KKK as a means to improve schools, battle bootleggers and oppose the menace of Italian immigration in Fremont County, Colorado. Edmund and Margaret were buried at Cambria Mills Baptist Cemetery, Reade Township, Cambria Co., PA [CLICK for larger image]. He was born in Beccaria Township, Clearfield County, the son of Jesse and Caroline (Green) Williams. Her age was reported as 22 in 1880, and like her sister Orien she was living at home with her mother and working as a teacher.

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His sketch in the above-cited Lawrence County history described him as "a member of the firm of Wick & Fulkerson, proprietors of the leading restaurant of New Castle, located at No. Wick, he bought the Maitland restaurant, and refitted it throughout and put in a fine range; the restaurant occupies two floors. Page 280 of "A Century and a Half of Pittsburg and her People," (Vol. It went on to say that William settled in Pittsburg in 1854 and for many years was engaged in the steamboat business, running boats from Pittsburg to Cairo. The children listed were "Ellen, Addilade, Rebeca, Eward, Carman." The 1880 Census listed him as "John W. He was at the same address with a wife Stella in 1942 when he registered for the WWII draft, and was working at the Shenango Pottery Co. Northfield, Massachusetts before she went on to college. Part of what is known about this PA branch is based on her genealogical correspondence in 1959-60. DUFF Was born July 21, 1832, near Hillsville, this county. W.", living with Nancy and 5-yr-old Oli, and with his 75-year-old mother Lydia. His real estate was valued at 00 and his personal property at 00. Jacob's occupation was listed as "Clerk." Later information indicates he was associated with the Moravian order. He was listed as a merchant, with 44-yr-old Phebe LONGWORTH his household servant. There is an unverified report that William died on 26 January 1903 at Okmulgee, OK. She died in childbirth a year later and was buried in Cadwell Cemetery, Williamsfield, IL. By the 1900 Census George and family were living in Pomona Twp. The 1910 Census found him at Ottawa Twp., living with his wife, their two youngest children and his 84-year-old mother. Other researchers believe that Luticia and Isaac had a sister Mary Ann FULKERSON who married a Thomas HALL....the 1850 Census, b. 1828, living in a boarding house in Beccaria, Clearfield, PA.

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; Count von THREKWITIGAU (im GRAINGAU & THRECWITIGAU) Muhammad XI (XII) Boabdil (20th and last Emir) of GRANADA (Granada 1460??

The 1880 Census listed him as a 27-yr-old farm hand, living just two doors away from father Lewis. Our subject was a stanch Whig, but is now a Republican. Fulkerson united his fortunes with Miss Eliza Houk, daughter of John Houk. He remained in active service for nine months, and although on many occasions he had a close call, he escaped all the serious ills that pertain to a soldier's dangerous life. They are found on the 1880 Census living at Union Twp., Lawrence Co., PA, with David, Aggie, Jenny and Samuel in their household. Reserve, and served three years, and is to-day a member of the U. When the war was over, and he once more made New Castle his home, he indulged in gardening some, and also assisted his son [David] in the restaurant. April 19, 1761 in Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ Dutch Reformed Church. John and his father Johannis appeared on the Northumberland County tax list for 1786, listed as John and John, Jr. At least five of their sons served in the Civil War. On October 15, 1857, The Wellsboro Agitator ran the Letters of Administration notice for Jeremiahs estate. They were found (thanks, Shirley) on the 1860 Census, living at Beccaria Twp - post office Smiths Mills, with two small children. C.; he was slightly injured in crossing a bridge while in pursuit of Johnson after the surrender of Lee; he was detailed a short time as hospital nurse near Arlington Heights; he took part in all the engagements and skirmishes in which his Regt.

He was then appointed to take charge of the county and city bridges, and has been in active life until 1897, when he retired; he resides in a house he built in 1847, and besides owning one adjoining, which he built in 1836, he owns another tenement property in a different part of the town, besides a number of lots. From that he went to the oil fields and spent five years mainly in the oil contracting business. Fulkerson enlisted for service in the Civil War, entering Company A, One Hundred and Thirty-fourth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. After being discharged from the hospital, he returned to his regiment, and soon after experienced a sun-stroke, from which he has never fully recovered. The 5 dead ones must have died as children as only 7 names appear in any census starting in 1850." ... They settled in Northumberland Co., PA in 1785 and had nine children.