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However, he says, there are legal loopholes that have to be sealed to prevent people from exploiting such a legislation.Most plants are hermaphrodite, even if some of them (hazel, for example) keep their male and female flowers apart. If your holly never has any berries, that's probably because it's a male.In an ideal situation, Kagunda says, parents with intersex children ought to undergo counselling.She says: "It is unfortunate that counselling is not embraced in our society. In high school, a girls' boarding school, where he served as a deputy head girl and subsequently as head girl, James was meticulously careful to conceal his 'maleness' from the other girls. By the time everybody else was waking up he was ready and dressed up.Medical science on the other hand is more objective. Elly Odongo, a fellow-gynecologic oncologist and secretary general of the Kenya Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (KOGS), sex can either be genotypic (based on genes) or phenotypic (based on the external appearance of genitalia). Biologically, as a baby develops in the womb, sex is determined by the mullerian system."The X and Y chromosomes determine who is genotypically male or female. "So that if the child's genotype is XY, the Y inhibits the mullerian hormone, prompting genitalia to develop as male," Dr. If the child is XX, a girl, the mullerian hormone is not inhibited and its effect is that genitalia develops as female.Plus she felt that the stigma would have made their lives difficult. What many don't know, and which he now admits to, is how his intersex condition pushed his mother to the brink; she is now in a mental institution.

He says that I couldn't give him a proper child," she says.The confusion that ensued when James started noticing that he was not developing in the same way as his peers caused him to question what he had been told. "The law however, does not explicitly mention 'intersex'. But he says that sometimes "a baby won't physically manifest as distinctly male or female, due to ambiguous genitalia".However, intersex persons are protected under Article 260 of the Constitution, which addresses marginalized groups," Chigiti says. "Phenotypically a baby is classified as male if they have a penis. Also, some babies have both male and female organs, and hence are called hermaphrodites.But it is important for such a parent to understand the medical options available at their disposal. In the evening he would come to the dormitory very late after everyone else has bathed and slept," Joy Wambui, Jame's friend even to date, confirmed to SUNDAY. Had I confessed to him about it I was afraid he wouldn't have gone to school." For Cecilia, the implications of having an intersex child have been overwhelming financially. And the surgical attempts to fix his genitalia have been costly.They need to understand and accept their child." Kagunda also adds that it is important for society to treat intersex persons with dignity and respect. Teresia Waithera, Jame's grandmother, confesses to not being sure herself if James was really a girl or a boy. For a single mother like me of average means it is an uphill task," she says Intersex: The intersection between law and science Kenyan law, according to John Chigiti, an advocate of the High Court, recognizes sex in a broad spectrum, "ranging between male and female." This is a conclusion drawn by a ruling made by a three-judge bench in 2007, where it was determined that sex falls in a broad spectrum and is not limited to just male and female.The first question Cecilia asked the doctor after the birth of her son was: "What is that hole in my son's genitalia?