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Re os dating arsenopyrite

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The lack of common Os in some arsenopyrite samples from both The Ovens and Dufferin permit calculation of single mineral model ages for each deposit, which are identical to those determined using the isochron method.Initial Os compositions for the two vein types at The Ovens suggest a predominately crustal source of Os in the mineralizing fluids, whereas a less radiogenic initial Os composition for arsenopyrite from Dufferin does not as clearly define a crustal metal source.The Yunnan–Guizhou–Guangxi “golden triangle” in southwestern China is one of the few important areas for Carlin-like gold deposits.

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100–80 Ma acid to ultra-basic magmatism in this part of southwestern China.

The veins occupy the interfingering contact between a tuffaceous metarhyolite and schists.

Re concentrations (3-23 ppb) are similar to those of previous studies.

Early success in Re-Os dating of arsenopyrite, as a means to determine the age of Au mineralization at Bendigo-Australia (Arne et al., 2001, Economic Geology), Meguma-Nova Scotia (Morelli et al., 2005, Economic Geology), and Muruntau-Uzbekistan (Morelli et al., in press, Geology), gave good reason to believe that arsenopyrite was the panacea for dating Au deposits.

These deposits, however, are all of Phanerozoic age, whereas much of the world's Au is found in Archean rocks.