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"If anything ever goes public, it is by default, because I happened to be in a place where I was being watched.

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The film seems to work on the premise that bigger is always better, and the direction seems to go that way too.What could have benefited from some quieter, uncluttered subtlety, becomes an assault on one's senses, patience and believability.“My daughter was a teenager and I wanted to spend more time with her,” she says.“The other thing is that I don’t ‘love, love’ acting.It was a funky-assed neighbourhood in the Sixties and the kids had to raise themselves.You had to be kind of tough.” Her mother was a barmaid. The sofa at the family home had been rescued from the streets.Let me take five years and do something that I want to do.” She was persuaded out of her sabbatical by Kenneth Branagh, who asked her to play Thor’s mum Frigga in his Marvel tale Thor.

I am glad to see that she is returning in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, though I fear the part of Frigga will hardly recall her at her luminous best. But it’s not just Russo who has vanished from the cinema. The forceful appearance of Vera Farmiga playing a character with moral ambiguity and a fully-realised life in Up in the Air makes you realise just how rare these richly drawn characters are nowadays.

, showed her the script about a freelance video journalist working in Los Angeles, Russo was beguiled by the part of Nina, a television producer of a local news show, “She’s colourful and I’ve never played a desperate character and tried to make her feel human,” she says.

The couple travelled to the Zurich Film Festival for the European premiere of Gilroy’s directorial debut.

In the 1968 original film, Frank Beardsley (portrayed by 'Henry Fonda (I)') was an active duty US Navy Chief Warrant Officer (a rank between commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers, usually granted to expert technical specialists with extensive experience), while in this remake, Frank Beardsley is a US Coast Guard Rear Admiral.

See more » Things We Go Through Written by Jason Dunn, Daniel Biro, Matt Paige, Dave Clark and Trevor Mc Nevan Performed by Hawk Nelson Courtesy of Tooth and Nail Records Under license from EMI Film & Television Music See more » Both Russo and Quaid have an energy between them, but they cannot redeem this film, with a paltry script and too many characters, so that the supporting cast remain that, and wasted!