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declined to participate in the hearing on the merits, and likewise refused to waive confidentiality restrictions so as to preclude two of the Board's witnesses, Michele Young and John Adams, M.

Adams, the Board sought to introduce deposition testimony that had been given by these witnesses in a civil action that had previously been brought by Ms.

Hibbard, but was told to take the matter directly to Dr.

E.2d 830 (1998), where we upheld the Board's conclusion that laches did not bar action on the present complaint. in September 1975, when the latter was seventeen years old. Young indicated that at some later, unspecified point in time, she was told by Ms. that she was, in fact, involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with Dr. And to ․ have sex with her whether he viewed himself as her physician or not is below the standard of care in the profession of psychiatry.” He also gave his opinion that Dr. Adams testified in his deposition conducted on April 28 and June 2, 1995, that he began treating Ms. D., testified at the merits hearing that although no standards were in place making it unethical for a psychiatrist to have a sexual relationship with a former patient until the late 1980s, there were nevertheless circumstances where such conduct on the part of the physician could be deemed malpractice. Webb “knew or should have known that he was dealing with a highly vulnerable sick person. The West Virginia Board of Medicine (the “Board”) appeals a December 27, 2000 order of the Circuit Court of Kanawha County, that vacated a July 21, 1999 order of the Board which revoked the medical license of Deleno H. Webb, a Huntington psychiatrist, alleging that the he had violated several medical ethics rules by engaging in a sexual relationship with a patient, Ms. Webb on probationary status for a period of five years. during the period of September 1975 through March 1977, and that he was involved in a sexual relationship with Ms. did not resume until an office visit on July 29, 1976. D.'s condition later worsened, which resulted in two hospitalizations in October and November 1976. D.'s care was later transferred to another psychiatrist, Robert W. Webb sent a letter to the West Virginia Division of Vocational Rehabilitation requesting that authorization for reimbursement regarding Ms.