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3 word addresses are accurate to 3m x 3m, giving every front door, mall entrance and delivery point its own unique address.
Remember that half life is the time it takes for half of the unstable 12 year olds holding 14 books (Carbon 14) to drop books and become stable.

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In our last column ( we viewed sex and present hedonism as well as sex and past negative/past positive through the eyes of a 17 year old and 87 year old, respectively.

As one astute reader noted, both were more negative than positive experiences.

Now, Gary and I manage to have sex about once a week – it’s usually a quickie. We know it’s important to maintain our physical bond as well as keep ourselves in shape sexually while we get our bearings.

We’ve talked about starting date nights again in the near future. We both know it won’t be this way forever…we want to enjoy our babies as much as possible but we also can’t wait for them to get a little older!

You and your husband settle in and adjust to your new life as parents. We are also best friends and did everything outside of work together.

Moreover, little is known about gender and conversational styles during intercultural communication.

This paper explores whether speakers follow similar norms of politeness in mixed-sex talk in their L1 and in intercultural conversations in L2 English, and if femininities are modified, what factors may be involved.

We viewed being physical – especially having sex - as our way of maintaining our strong bond. It took me a little while to get back in the groove, my hormones were in flux and we were both tired most of the time.

We had special date nights but we were also spontaneous. But we re-instituted date nights and everything was great; so great, in fact that I became pregnant again after a few months.”With a toddler, a newborn, a tired husband and a job, I asked Michelle how she juggled everything and if she and Gary had time for sex.