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Novelty gifts — T-shirts with funny slogans, strange knick-knacks, crass board games, and so on.

Prank gifts — things you know he hates like a jersey for his favorite sports team's rival , things that are amusingly out of style like ugly 70s sunglasses , bizarre non sequiturs like a sack of potatoes , and so on. One sure-fire way to please your guy friend while steering well clear of awkward misunderstandings is to give him something that's purely functional — that is, something that's useful to him, but not necessarily very "warm" or intimate.

In face, statistically speaking, the more general-purpose the gift card, the better someone is likely to appreciate it.

Guys are often reluctant to tell people what they want as a gift, especially for birthdays, Christmas, and so on.

Steps Choosing the Right Gift 1 Get him something that caters to his interests.

These sorts of gifts will usually be warmly received — you're giving something he likes and will actually use while also showing him that you put some thought into the gift.

If you aren't sure what your guy friend likes to do, a quick trip to his house or apartment should clue you in — just look at what he has lying around and what's on his walls.

You'll also want to keep in mind that certain functional gifts can send unintentionally rude messages.

For instance, while a subscription to a health food magazine may be useful, it may send the unfortunate message that you think your recipient needs to lose weight.