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Once a couple is seriously thinking about marriage or living together, they absolutely should discuss whether they have major debt or a poor credit score.

This will affect a couple’s ability to secure a home loan, so it’s absolutely fair game for conversation.

Many people will be reluctant to travel much more than a half-hour for a date that may not be a “sure thing.” When, if ever, is it appropriate to ask someone you are dating about their finances, including their credit score and amount of debt?

Money is the one topic that most people are skittish discussing -- even more so than discussing sex.

Most cities and small towns have plenty of fun things to do that cost very little money or are free.

These are often the best ways to get to know a person.

I would suggest doing some research and checking out the availability of the activities one enjoys most, whether running clubs, book groups, religious congregations, or team sports, as a way to figure out a good “fit.” Commuting patterns also are important -- can you easily get from home to work, and from home to wherever your potential date may live?

State laws also differ regarding how one partner’s debt affects the other’s, so couples with debt should know whether their state observes common law or community property laws.

Even before a couple is very serious, however, they may want to gingerly raise these issues at moments that make sense, like when making a pricy purchase such as airline tickets for a vacation.

Everyone has different priorities when searching for love, but certain places simply make dating easier than others.

In states with low cost of living, for instance, your income might stretch a lot further, which means cheaper or more frequent dates.