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Updating cei for navy reservists

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Because of this, NOSCs outside the fleet concentration areas are also heavily tasked to provide personnel, both FTS staff and SELRES, for participation in Funeral Honors Details.

This solemn service provided to the local community is one of the NOSC's top two priority missions (the other being training and mobilization of SELRES).

The size of these centers varies greatly, depending on the number of assigned.

They are intended mostly to handle administrative functions and classroom style training.

The mission of the Navy Reserve is to provide strategic depth and deliver operational capabilities to the Navy and Marine Corps team, and Joint forces, in the full range of military operations from peace to war.

Reservists are called to active duty, or mobilized, as needed and are required to sign paperwork acknowledging this possibility upon enrollment in the reserve program.

Following the American Revolution, the expense of maintaining a standing navy was deemed too great, resulting in the selling of the last Continental Navy ship in 1785.

However, attacks by Barbary pirates against American merchant vessels in the Mediterranean Sea prompted a change in course in 1794.

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Within days of the attack, President Abraham Lincoln authorized an increase in the personnel levels of the Navy, which assumed an important role in the strategy to defeat the Confederacy with a blockade of the South and a campaign to secure control of the Mississippi River.The Reserve consists of 108,718 ( 64,715 SELRES and 44,003 IRR) officers and enlisted personnel who serve in every state and territory as well as overseas as of September 2012. On 12 June 1775, inspired to act after hearing the news of Minutemen and British regulars battling on the fields of Lexington and Concord, citizens of the seaside town of Machias, Maine, commandeered the schooner Unity and engaged the British warship HMS Margaretta, boarding her and forcing her surrender after bitter close quarters combat.Reflecting the importance of Reservists in the naval history of the United States, the first citizen Sailors put to sea even before the Continental Congress created the Continental Navy, forerunner of today’s U. In the ensuing years of the American Revolution, the small size of the Continental Navy necessitated the service of citizen sailors, who put to sea manning privateers, their far-flung raids against the British merchant fleet as important as the sea battles of John Paul Jones in establishing the American naval tradition.After the 11 September attacks of 2001, Reservists were mobilized to support combat operations.The War on Terrorism has even seen the activation of a Reserve squadron, the VFA-201 Hunters, flying F/A-18 Hornet aircraft, which deployed on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71).A navy that helped give birth to the nation was now deemed essential to preserving its security, which faced its most serious threat during the War of 1812.