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Validating null value in oracle sql dating script in php

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The SQL layer of the Oracle kernel determines if the row being inserted maps to the specified partition.If the row does not map to the partition, the row is rejected, and the SQL*Loader log file records an appropriate error message.This means that NLS parameters in the initialization parameter file (server-side language handle) will not be used.

The other cases use the conventional path load method.

Note: If you are performing a direct path load into multiple partitions and a space error occurs, the load is rolled back to the last commit point.

If there was no commit point, then the entire load is rolled back.

Also, certain DML locks are required during load initialization and are released when the load completes.

The following operations occur during the load: index keys are built and put into a sort, and space management routines are used to get new extents when needed and to adjust the upper boundary (high-water mark) for a data savepoint.