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"Hans," said the Miller, "I will give you my wheel-barrow." 5. " cried Pinch, "you are the strangest young man, Martin, I ever knew in my life." 6. "My father is a preacher," Isaac said, "so I have read my Bible, I remember about the miracle of the loaves and fishes." 4. "What," said Dinny, when they were seated before an omelette Bulgarienne, "do you know about Professor Hallorsen, Uncle Adrian? At last she said: "Well, Uncle Adrian, will you try and think of any way of strafing that man for the scurvy way he's treated Hubert? The first question on Marianne's side was, "How long has this been known to you, Elinor? " "I rather think he's having his lesson, Sir Lawrence." 24. "I can go to England at the beginning of June, doctor, but not before," I said. "Maurice," she said, "I've just telephoned to the doctor." 8. It's time ___ home.a) we go b) we must go c) we should go d) we went10) I'm not tired enough to go to bed yet. to bed now.a) go b) went c) had gone d) would go11) If I were you, I ___ that coat. Sohlberg felt that this ____ going to be a wonderful evening. I was thinking that if any stranger ____ in here now, he ____ take us for man and wife. It's much too expensive.a) won't buy b) don't buy c) am not going to buy d) wouldn't buy12) I decided to stay at home last night. Then all at once he remembered what the program ____ be. Little Hans was very much distressed at times, as he was afraid his flowers ____ think he forgotten them. Rosa told herself that this ____ the day that ____ decide her fate. She realised that he____ trying to convey to her that he ____ lonely.

"And have you anything else you want to explain to me, Denry?

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