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Would updating iphone remove jailbreak

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Some jailbreak tweaks may feature backdoors that let hackers access your personal details.This is precisely what happened in August 2015, when it emerged that more than 225,000 jailbreakers’ i Cloud login information was stolen as a result of "built-in backdoors" in jailbreak tweaks.With a jailbroken phone you can install software from a rival to the App Store, and also manually using files downloaded from the internet. i Phones (like all mobile phones) that are sold as part of a contract are often locked to a particular network.

Apple Store employees will turn you away if you try to present such an i Phone to them as 1) jailbroken devices are in breach of the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that comes with i OS; 2) and you will have effectively voided your i Phone’s warranty by breaking the EULA.

Jailbreakers will work hard to find a way to get round the new safeguards and restrictions that have been placed on the new software.) There are plenty of instructions and resources online that can help you.

Whatever you do, make sure you back up your i Phone's data before you start just in case something goes wrong.

Security specialist Palo Alto Networks reported the breach, which was the result of a piece of malware that it refers to as Key Raider and was instigated by hackers in China.

(Some of the victims were also Chinese, but affected users were located in 18 countries all told.) The firm discovered the hacked user data on the black market, where it was being downloaded and used to make fraudulent in-app purchases.